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We actually started this project a couple of months ago and slowly kept adding to it all the way up until after Thanksgiving.

It began as one of those no brainer tasks that we didn’t expect to spread much beyond the confines of a weekend. We’ve always loved how the hall in our last house turned out 

Just because the hall isn’t a “room” in the traditional sense, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Your corridor is the first thing guests see when they arrive, so it sets the tone for the rest of your home. You want to create a space that speaks to your design sensibility, while being functional and welcoming. 
Some may see a blank corridor, but we see a gallery just waiting to happen. Hanging family portraits, photos, and artwork is a simple solution to give your pathway a personal touch.

You can add trim to just about any area of a hallway, from ceiling to floor, and areas in between. Some molding styles will work anywhere; others are designed to fit a specific location. 

Pendant lighting is a great source of ambient lighting and can offer additional style benefits when designing your hallway. Hanging high above the hallway, one or two pendant lights set at intervals should be able to provide enough ambient light for your hallway.
Like we did in this picture perfect hallway with perfect lighting, flooring, door moldings, wall moldings etc.


3D modeling

Studio provides a full range
of 3D interior modeling



Development of iperfect design
of the project


2d planning

We provide 2D planning
for great visualization

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