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At Design Stupa we believe that your space should show off your tastes and personality, work with your lifestyle. Using our knowledge and expertise, we thoroughly evaluate every property, discuss the client’s preferred design ideas, and then provide detailed schematics and graphics so you can visualize your dream home even before we start the project.

We will help you create the most beautiful interior you desire, taking care of all the details for you.

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She comes from a family of builders and developers, so you could say she was destined for a career in designing and construction. She has a good knowledge of how a space is planned, how to mix materials together to make a comfortable space and how texture, colour, lighting and other factors combine and interact to make a space eye-catching and pleasing. She along with her team of designers are focused on developing intelligent and sustainable designs with practical space management method that help find the perfect balance between aesthetics as well as functionality.

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Akshay is a creative soul who is passionate about designing. He combines the latest trends with his unique style to give the touch of elegance to any space. He prides himself on his attention on details, obsession with quality and love for local craftspeople. He continually strives to create original interiors that reflect the client’s taste, lifestyle and personality. Akshay’s great satisfaction comes from his clients’ expression of joy and contentment in their newly designed spaces.

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  • PHONE: +91- 9810671645/ +91- 9810155645
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Our Philosophy

We call our style ‘live minimalism’. Live minimalism is not about a or visual look. It refers to inner feelings, to your true self.

Our Missions

We call our style ‘live minimalism’. Live minimalism is not about a or visual look. It refers to inner feelings, to your true self.

Our Vision

We call our style ‘live minimalism’. Live minimalism is not about a or visual look. It refers to inner feelings, to your true self.

Our Values

What Can We Offer


We understand every client has unique needs associated with their Construction and Architectural project. For this reason we specifically work to develop that space for our client’s where they emotionally get attached to it.


Our work is known for its design quality, imagination and originality. At Design Stupa, we take an integrated approach to interior design, bringing together interior designers and architects to create place that delight performance.


People work for years in the hopes of one day owning their own home, and when that day does arrive, why would you want to compromise on what you choose to fill this sacred spaces. We design according to the space and client requirement.

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We approach each project first and foremost through recognition that you are taking a step towards making a difference in your lives or businesses by hiring us. Regardless of the scale or scope of a project, there's a great importance to working systematically.

  • 01
    Initial Consultation
  • 02
    Inventory Our Clients' Belongings
  • 03
    Schematic Design
  • 04
    Design Development
we listen and learn about our clients' needs and desires.
catalogue existing belongings; and we may advise on retaining the essentials and discarding the superfluous.
conceptual and space planning including floor plans, the selection of furnishings, finishes and accessories as needed to express the vision for clients' approval
detailed drawings and specifications sheet for project’s successful execution.
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What People Say

Neha Sharma

DesignStupa turned my house into a masterpiece! Their architectural expertise transformed every corner, and their interior design skills added the perfect touch of elegance. I couldn't be happier with the result.

Rajiv Kapoor

Exceptional work by DesignStupa! They not only designed a stunning interior but also created functional spaces. Their attention to detail and dedication to understanding my needs were truly impressive.

Aparna Desai

DesignStupa took my vague ideas and turned them into reality. Their creative approach to furniture design and space utilization brought a whole new life to my home. Thank you for making my dream home a reality!

Prakash Patel

The team at DesignStupa is a powerhouse of talent. From architectural planning to the final interior touches, their coordination and expertise were remarkable. I highly recommend their services.

Kriti Chatterjee

A big shoutout to DesignStupa for their outstanding work on my commercial space. Their innovative design solutions not only enhanced the aesthetics but also boosted the functionality, resulting in a perfect work environment.

Arjun Reddy

DesignStupa's dedication to delivering quality is unmatched. They seamlessly integrated architecture and interior design to create a harmonious living space that truly reflects my style.

Riya Banerjee

Working with DesignStupa was a delight. Their professionalism, combined with a keen sense of design, made the entire process smooth. My home now feels like a work of art!

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